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Security Systems

Protect your business with comprehensive access and cyber security.

Controlling authorized access to facilities and resources to protect personnel and property is a necessary but typically costly business overhead.
RowNet’s modern video surveillance and access control solutions can leverage your IP network to dramatically reduce costs while providing superior visibility and protection.
There is no such thing as being too prepared for the expanding cybersecurity threats. However, enforcing holistic threat protection across hybrid systems requires a great deal of expertise.
By utilizing proven unified threat management best practices and multiple layers of security technology, we will help you protect your network, devices and data.

Surveillance and access control

From state-of-the-art surveillance for airport customs to biometric access control for a research facility, every physical security scenario is unique. That is why we work with the best video surveillance and access control system manufacturers. We never feel limited when it comes to designing and implementing a turnkey solution to meet your specific needs and budget.
We also understand you do not always have the luxury to rip out legacy systems and start fresh. This is especially true with large physical security infrastructure installations. Provided the end result is more secure, we are not afraid to design hybrid solutions that intelligently blend old and new technologies.

Unified threat management

From patching server vulnerabilities to malware and ransomware protection, there are countless things you need to secure to keep your business data safe from cyber criminals. In addition to endpoints, attention also needs to be on securing your Wi-Fi, LAN, WAN, Cloud Services, Backups, and data passing over the Internet!
It is easy for new vulnerabilities to creep in as you add new capabilities and network services. Our cybersecurity team can assist you with every aspect of threat management. Whether it is designing a next generation security framework, or providing 24/7 network monitoring, we help to ensure you are equipped with reliable defenses against any attack or threat to your IT infrastructure and systems.

Top reasons for choosing RowNet security services

One-stop-shop, end-to-end service
Security audits, design and IT integration
Experienced with legacy system integration
Experts on leading equipment manufacturers
Proficiency to design, integrate, and manage
24/7 surveillance and intrusion monitoring
A word from a happy client
For the first time, we can see live HD video streams from every branch office at our main corporate control center.
Nikolas T
Director of Facilities, Dallas, TX

Let RowNet upgrade your building and cyber security, and keep the wolves at bay.

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