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Video Surveillance Systems

Upgrade to digital video surveillance and reduce your operating costs.

Outdated CCTV and video surveillance systems are costly to operate and maintain. But over the last decade video surveillance has come a long way.
New features include HD quality video, longer storage retention, remote monitoring, people counting, thermal imaging, infrared night vision, facial and gait recognition and more. These features improve system utility and reduce cost of ownership.
If your business still relies on aging analog systems, it may be time to improve functionality and reduce operating costs by upgrading to a modern digital video surveillance system.
Besides making adds, moves and changes a whole lot easier, today’s IP-based solutions enable you to centralize remote monitoring for all locations. This can lead to vast savings in security staffing and allows you to outsource surveillance monitoring altogether.

Surveillance solutions and monitoring

RowNet offers a broad selection of indoor and outdoor video surveillance equipment, related access control systems and services. Whether you need to maintain a legacy or hybrid system, or implement a new state-of-the-art network with hundreds of cameras, we’ve got you covered.
Additionally, with our combined experience in IT and security, we have the ability to design, configure, and maintain a cost-effective, intelligent and proactive security system. And integrate it seamlessly with alarm systems and other security technologies.
For IP-based surveillance systems we also provide a 24/7 remote monitoring service.

Security audit, design and IT integration

Our technology consultants and professional engineers use a combination of site walk-throughs, blueprints and 3D computer models to assess your vulnerabilities and design the right video surveillance system for your facilities. We take account of business needs, the capabilities and limitations of your IT infrastructure, and your budget.
Choosing between 720p, 1080p or 4K+ image quality, and deciding how much footage to access on demand, versus archiving, is a delicate balancing act. Your IP network capacity is a critical factor to consider. Since we understand all aspects of IT infrastructure, we can strike the right balance to avoid choking your LAN or WAN with video, and stifling employee productivity.

RowNet Video Surveillance Solution Features

Wide selection of cameras types / form factor
Infrared sensors, thermal, 720P to HD+ quality
Advanced PTZ Camera options
Explosion proof, environmentally hardened
Intelligent video management software
Advanced AI based video analytics

Key Benefits of RowNet Video Surveillance Solutions

Project consulting with site security audits
Integrated with access control and burglar alarms
Multi-tiered Cybersecurity integration
Very easy to learn, use and maintain
Advanced AI analytics, recording and storage
24/7 remote monitoring abilities
A word from a happy client
Replacing our analog CCTV with advance IP video surveillance cut staffing costs by more than $400K per year.
Gordon P
Chief Security Officer, Houston, TX

Let RowNet protect your business today with state-of-the-art-video surveillance.

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