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Security Systems Monitoring

Stop physical and cyber intruders in their tracks.

Security measures, both physical and digital, are designed to stop unauthorized access, but only effective monitoring ensures that protective measures are doing their job.
Too often companies neglect to adequately monitor their physical alarms and online security measures. Doing so invites the risk of a successful intrusion which can lead to steep losses.
Instead, security systems monitoring can trigger an immediate reaction that will prevent an intrusion from proceeding successfully – by alerting local law enforcement, or by putting up cyber barriers.
Advanced threat monitoring can pick up even the sneakiest of online intrusions, applying risk scoring to generate urgent alerts for the most serious cybersecurity threats.

A finger on the security pulse

Alarm systems and cybersecurity tools such as firewalls can detect intruders, but successful preventative actions depend on active, live security monitoring. Watching for suspicious activity in real-time can prevent intrusions before criminals get access to premises, or electronic assets.
Live video surveillance can capture intruders attempting to enter facilities long before intrusion alarms go off. Security monitoring responds by dispatching preventative measures faster, giving criminals less time to get away and potentially preventing a successful intrusion in the first instance.

Advanced cyber threat detection

Cyber threats are evolving rapidly. RowNet’s security monitoring services deliver real-time identification of network anomalies. Using the power of data analytics RowNet can identify even the most sophisticated cyber intrusion attempts, enabling immediate remedial action that stops intruders in their tracks.
Enjoy simplified, easy control over cyber threats thanks to centralized security management that offers flexible systems integration. Threat prioritization allows companies to respond with the correct urgency too. Effective cybersecurity monitoring is essential in a world where the cybersecurity landscape is just as dangerous as the physical landscape.

RowNet Security Monitoring Features

Instant alerts to prevent intrusions
Stop even the most complex threats
Monitor for emerging threats
Real-time flagging of anomalies
Notify both client and law enforcement
Alerts graded according to severity
Centralized reporting and control

Key benefits of RowNet Security Monitoring

Fewer sleepless nights
One-stop physical and cyber monitoring
Stop intruders before they succeed
Rapid, effective response
Flag even advanced persistent threats
Prevents loss by preventing intrusions
A word from a happy client
When a competitor was hacked we approached RowNet for a cybersecurity review. Thanks for top recommendations.
Matthew K
Chief Security Information Officer, San Antonio, TX

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