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Access Control Systems

Comprehensive access control to safeguard your physical and digital assets.

Keeping an eye on employees and visitors to your facilities may help maintain a safe work environment, but surveillance can only go so far.
To fully secure your buildings, you need physical security solutions that control exactly who goes where and when, whether there is someone keeping an eye on things or not.
RowNet access control systems will enable you to monitor and control the movements of everyone with access to your building, limiting restricted areas to only those with authority.
Our advanced systems will log all movements across different access points to provide detailed and easy to read audit trails. This will give your security staff vital details on the whereabouts and history of any individual.

Access Control Systems

The first line of defense in access control is covering all entry points to ensure only authorized personnel can get in and out. But keys, cards and codes can be lost, stolen and copied. High security requires a more robust set of access control and intrusion detection solutions.
RowNet offers a broad portfolio, from biometric sensors for fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition. RowNet security experts will work with you to analyze building usage, vulnerabilities and risks. Our security engineers will then design a turnkey security solution that will precisely match your unique needs.

Intrusion Detection Solutions

Access control must be paired with ways to detect unauthorized entry too. Burglar and intruder detection systems can include discrete perimeter protection, motion detectors, shock and pressure sensors, glass break sensors, photo electric beams, and sensors on all possible entry points from window to ventilation ducts.
You also need to be able to take action the moment a threat is observed. All this technology, is backed up by our 24/7 monitoring services and alarms which can be set up to inform both you and the proper authorities when an intrusion attempt is detected.

RowNet Access Control System Features

Turnkey solution designed for your needs
State-of-the art access control technology
Comprehensive intruder detection integration
Controlled entry and exit time delay
Integrated with CCTV and alarm systems
Lighting control, other auxiliary functions
Can also include fire, flood, CO2 detection
Real time monitoring and dashboards

Key Benefits of RowNet Access Control Solutions

Multiple levels of authentication
Real time entry and exit tracking
Movement tracking with audit trails
Remote arming and process testing
Immediate reporting of unauthorized entry
Customizable alerts and automations
Remote monitoring service available
A word from a happy client
Our  seasonal staff turnover makes access control tricky. RowNet 's system solved  countless problems. Thanks!
Douglas D
Security Officer, Austin, TX

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