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About RowNet

With headquarters in Dallas, Texas and three data centers co-located at Tier 1 service provider points of presence, RowNet offers a unique mix of IT infrastructure and broadband solutions.

We focus on designing, integrating and managing the mission-critical networking, security and communications infrastructure that will carry you into the next industrial revolution.

Finger on the pulse of change

Disruptive technologies are springing up all around us, with equal doses of opportunity and risk. Without the right IT infrastructure to drive your business now and into the future, you may not be able to seize the opportunities that present themselves.
Change is happening so fast, there is little time to ponder your options. Constantly exposed to new IT infrastructure challenges, we grapple every day with the same questions facing you. Is this a strategic IT investment, or will it be obsolete before it sees the light-of-day?

What worries you, inspires us

Our clients are the progressive enterprises, schools and local government across Texas who want IT to facilitate change, not stifle it. But the days of incremental change are over. To stay ahead, bold leaps are needed now. That demands greater vision and better judgement.
Companies that think this way or already did ten years ago are flying high – you know who they are! So, let us be your second pair of eyes and ears on the future, and partner with you to make prudent IT infrastructure choices that unleash digital transformation.

What makes RowNet different?

Relentless innovators

With technology evolving at its current rate, if all we do is catch you up with yesteryear’s solutions, we have failed. Our mission is to lead you to the future with innovative solutions that truly give you an edge.

No vendor bias

We are not married to any vendor partner, because we know one size does not fit all. Instead, we take the time to learn new platforms and recommend only the best fit. Our loyalty is to you, our clients, not vendors.

The buck stops here

We are not just a Systems Integrator. As a broadband service provider we can design, integrate and manage the solution end-to-end, from your devices to the Cloud. This cuts out risk, finger pointing and delays.

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