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Intrusion Alarm Systems

Upgrade to digital video surveillance and reduce your operating costs.

Businesses are rightly concerned about the safety of their physical and intellectual assets. Effective security relies on immediate action the moment there is any sign of an intruder on the premises.
Many alarm systems have large gaps in terms intrusion detection. These vulnerabilities are difficult to identify but easy to exploit by a knowledgeable perpetrator. Incomplete coverage renders your intrusion system largely ineffective and leaves your business exposed.
With a reliable wireless infrastructure, modern wireless IP-enabled motion, pressure and glass break sensors can now be placed anywhere, providing more comprehensive coverage and ensuring intrusions are always detected.
RowNet secure Cloud and onsite controls enable operators to conveniently and intelligently manage alarms, with sophisticated zone settings.

Networked alarm systems you can rely on

Today’s modern IP-based alarm systems benefit from advanced technology including tiny IoT sensors and the ability to communicate securely over Wi-Fi networks. This enables you to cover every corner of your facilities, without needing intrusive cabling. Great alarm system design is as much about clever use of your converged IP network infrastructure as it is about choosing the right sensors.
IP-enabled, wireless alarm systems provide better security because sensor placement is infinitely flexible. While wires can be cut, battery-powered IoT sensors are more difficult to intercept, and will continue to deliver alerts wirelessly. Similarly cloud based management tools overcome the complexity and limitations of discrete control panels.

Years of installation and maintenance know-how

A professional alarm system starts with a competent integration partner. You need an alarm system integrator that knows both the finer points of sensor placement and; A complete understanding of how to integrate the system with your IP network and the cloud, including firewall configuration. RowNet will get your installation right the first time, ensuring ongoing piece of mind.
Your organization can also rely on RowNet for ongoing system testing and verification of sensor operation. As much as an alarm system works on a set-and-forget principle, effective security still demands regular checks. RowNet security engineers will ensure that your alarm system is primed to detect intrusion and instantly alert you and the proper authorities if ever an intrusion occurs.

RowNet Alarm System Features

Single or multi-site systems
Cloud-based control and analytics
Convenient touch control panels
Remote arming and testing
Flexible sensor placement
Broad range of sensor types
Wireless and mesh networked
Advanced automation

Key benefits of RowNet Alarm Systems

Installation with minimum disruption
Cover your entire premises with ease
Always-on, reliable intrusion alerts
Convenient, easy control of alarms
Design, integration and support services
Leverage existing wireless infrastructure
Regular testing and maintenance
A word from a happy client
Upgrading our alarm system to IP so it uses our network, was inexpensive and really  improved our control.
Richard J
Security Officer, San Antonio, TX

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