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Converged Networks

Smart LED Lighting

Smarten up your facilities with eco-friendly, intelligent LED lighting.

The transition to LED bulbs is nearly complete, but the real potential lies in smart LED lighting systems that reduce energy consumption dramatically while improving comfort and security.
Merely switching the physical bulbs is not enough, instead companies should install sensor-driven connected LED lighting systems that respond to occupancy and environmental conditions.
An LED lighting system that is not plugged into your converged network will not deliver cost efficiency, nor does it provide a workplace-friendly lighting experience.
Instead, consider a smart lighting system that ensures that your facilities meet stringent new emissions standards, while minimizing operational cost and creating a pleasant office environment.

Reduce emissions and save with LED lighting

Lighting your facilities when it is not needed wastes enormous amounts of energy and companies are increasingly aware of their environmental footprint, not to mention the cost. Smart LED lighting systems play an important part in reducing energy consumption by automatically responding to building occupancy – matching illumination to shift patterns, for example.
There is a strong convenience factor too as automated LED lighting integrates with other building systems, providing the correct illumination when and where it is needed. With LED lighting systems premises can be comfortably lit without any energy waste, and it can improve security too.

Make your building smarter with LED lighting

Smart LED lighting systems utilize sensors to collect valuable data about occupancy, ambient lighting and more, and report it to a cloud-hosted control center. Using that data, RowNet’s Smart LED lighting systems let you fine tune lighting settings to minimize environmental impact while maximizing staff comfort.
You have probably converged your voice, video and data networks to one IP network, or you are in the midst of it now. The next level of convergence is running building automation systems and lighting over the same IP network. Yes, you can leverage your existing structured cabling and POE switches to power LED lighting and step into the era of smart buildings at minimal expense.

RowNet LED lighting Features

Addressable lighting control
Web-based control interface
Retrofit with minimal disruption
Very low infrastructure investment
Monitor occupancy to optimize lighting
Responsively falls and rises
Future-proof lighting system
Automated emergency testing

Key benefits of RowNet LED lighting

Cut electricity bills dramatically
Lower environmental, CO2 impact
Comfortable quality of light
Full insight into energy consumption
Use lighting to drive connectivity
Lower maintenance costs
Improved security across facilities
A word from a happy client
Because RowNet planned ahead when we cabled up this old building, adding Smart LED lighting has been a breeze.
Marion F
VP Facilities, Fort Worth, TX

Cut costs and increase comfort and security with RowNet smart LED lighting solutions

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