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Converged Networks

Fiber Optic Cabling

Optical fiber installation services for your network and data center

Fiber optics has transformed networking but not every fiber cabling installation is completed competently. Poorly installed fiber cabling leads to downtime and performance and scaling issues.
Too often cable installers do not understand the delicate nature of fiber optics and the practical implementation aspects including bend radius limitations and redundancy considerations.
To make future changes and upgrades easy to implement; good fiber cabling design anticipates adds, moves and changes and follows strict optical fiber installation best practices.
Properly installed fiber optic cabling will deliver decades of reliable connectivity in the data center and to wiring closets distributed about your facility. Trust RowNet to deliver.

Premier fiber cabling professionals

Installing fiber cable might look straightforward at first glance, but fiber optic cabling is a complex and delicate technology and installers require specialized technical skills and a comprehensive range of splicing and test equipment. Adherence to standards throughout the installation is crucial.
Experience matters. Completing fiber cable runs can bring unexpected challenges that only fiber-savvy installers can navigate. Your fiber cable installer must be able to adjust to changing requirements and execute an installation in an organized way to ensure effortless ongoing maintenance.

Get the fiber optic know-how you need

RowNet has extensive experience installing fiber optic cabling in businesses of all types across Texas. Successfully completing fiber optic installation and maintenance under countless different scenarios. RowNet’s highly trained fiber optic installers always stick to industry best practices: we don’t mix and match core sizes and never exceed bend radius specifications.
That’s why our clients can expect exceptionally high availability from the moment we hand it off. You can also rely on us for multi-site and data center optics that are incredibly flexible, accommodating anything from a major re-organization, to the addition of an IDF or just a single switch. RowNet delivers properly documented fiber installations that perform year-in, year-out.

RowNet Fiber Cabling Service Features

Leading fiber optic hardware
Single and multi-mode options
Fusion splicing or direct termination
Diagnostics, testing, and certification
Uses minimal physical space
Fiber to the desk (FTTD) where needed
Network design and project management

Key benefits of RowNet Fiber Cabling

Fully tested, labelled, and documented
Improved network capacity and scaling
Designed to adapt easily to future demands
Easy troubleshooting and diagnosis
Growth and redundancy built in
Lifetime warranty on all our cabling hardware
A word from a happy client
RowNet's upgrade of our fiber backbone was extremely well executed. We did a live cut over with no downtime.
Jason C
Chief Information Officer, Houston, TX

Hire the fiber experts at RowNet for fiber optic backbone installations that last.

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