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Converged Networks

Smart Building Control Systems

Integrated facilities management thanks to intelligent building control systems.

Facilities should be energy-efficient, responsive and comfortable. Legacy HVAC systems simply do not have the connectivity or intelligence to deliver on modern facilities requirements.
With the increasingly tough environmental standards and changes such as hot-desking, altering how offices function, many companies are stuck with facilities controls that are simply inadequate.
A smart integrated building control system that patches into your corporate network can connect disparate controls and give you command of all of your building functions.
Pervasive IP networks and IoT technology enables companies to automate buildings management too, bringing sizable efficiencies and allowing staff to focus on value-added work.

A connected building is an efficient building

Buildings management is no longer just about keeping the lights on and the air conditioning systems working. Today, companies need building controls that dynamically manage energy usage and provide analytics data that enables better decision making. IP convergence and widespread wireless IoT devices are powering these much needed and finely grained control and reporting capabilities.
With the right controls, your building can automatically respond to occupancy and minimize energy use. You could reduce energy costs by 20% and save up to 30% on operations and maintenance. All this is in addition to meeting current and future standards, including the Green Building Council and LEED stipulations.

Technology-first buildings management

Thanks to IoT and AI, the era of fully-autonomous buildings management is around the corner. Your building control system must therefore be modular, networked and agile. A cloud-centric approach to building controls puts your facilities management at an advantage: eliminating stand-alone, proprietary, on-premise gateways and control systems that simply do not integrate.
At RowNet we rely on our deep technology expertise to deliver IP-driven building control systems that seamlessly integrate with other business systems and leverage the power of the cloud. This means you will get intelligent building controls that respond more dynamically to building usage. RowNet’s cloud based system will provide real-time alerts and enable you to securely access your systems from any device, anytime from anywhere.

RowNet BMS Service Features

Leveraging converged IP networks
Cloud-centric and IoT-ready
Smarter building management
Graceful transition to smart automation
Automated multi-tenant functionalities
Secure remote access
Multi-level audit capabilities

Key benefits of RowNet BMS Services

Increase comfort and productivity
Save time and costs with automation
Meet CSR and regulatory objectives
Comprehensive facilities automation
Boost staff wellbeing and mental health
Reduce energy and operational costs
A word from a happy client
Now we have linked up almost every system in the facility, we have a truly smart, energy efficient building.
Alexander D
Senior Facilities Engineer, Dallas, TX

Consult RowNet for building control systems that deliver efficiency, intelligence and comfort.

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