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Converged Networks

Data Center Cabling Installation

Organize and restructure your data center cabling for greater efficiency.

Cable and rack space management is hands down one of the most visible and important aspects of data center administration.
When it is not done correctly, network administration is routinely hampered by sloppy cable management and documentation, or lack of it.
Messy cabling does more than increase your support costs. It also impairs airflow which reduces thermal efficiency. This impacts equipment performance and reliability.
Studies also show that poor cabling also drives up the rate of human error which accounts for almost 25% of all unplanned outages in data centers.

Maximizing data center space utilization

In modern data center facilities physical space is always at a premium, not aided by equipment manufactures continually packing more ports per rack unit. Therefore, it is crucial that cable installers have the cable management discipline to fully utilize rack space while ensuring easy access for adds, moves and changes.
This is where RowNet data center cabling services come into play. Managing your data center cabling in a new installation or after the fact, requires a great deal of planning and organizational skill. Implementing the plan involves sound cable management processes and hard-earned proficiency.

Immaculate cable dressing, a point of pride

All of our cable installers are BICSI and RowNet certified; they take great pride in not just neat, but immaculate cable management. To them, cable management is practically an art form.
Among our data center cabling services, we provide a data cabinet clean-up service that includes identifying and labelling all connections, segregating equipment and cables by function, and ensuring all cables have proper routing parameters with documentation.

Intelligent Infrastructure Management

For new data center builds, we offer a complete technology and cabling design service. Our professional engineering team will work in concert with you and your architect to design an intelligent, efficient and well-organized data center.
RowNet’s Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) software provides you with complete visibility and control of the entire physical layer network. This includes the main corporate data center all the way to a small branch office on the other side of the world.

RowNet Data Center Cabling Service Features

Leading structured cabling hardware
Advanced cable trays and fiber ducts
Custom fiber and copper trunks
Cabling audits and system management
Live cutover and clean up
PDU installation and management
Easy to use IIM software

Key benefits of RowNet Data Center Cabling Services

Visibility and control of your cabling system
Immaculate cabling dressing for easy access
Fully tested, labelled, and documented
Guaranteed adaptability and flexibility
Growth and redundancy planning
Easy moves, adds, changes, troubleshooting
Lifetime warranty on all cabling we install
A word from a happy client
Moving sites is always stressful. But RowNet had our new data center up and running without any trouble.
Thanh N
Data Center Manager, Austin, TX

Let RowNet help you avoid downtime and headaches with premier data center cabling services

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