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Managed IT Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Minimize downtime and prevent data Loss with low-cost RowNet Cloud backup.

Every year tens of thousands of businesses fall victim to data loss because they did not have the discipline to systematically test their backup systems or store them off-site.
Archiving business-critical data to redundant distributed storage in the cloud is simple and inexpensive, even if you still have on-premises servers.
Storage in the cloud is not new, every worthwhile backup service offers it as a standard feature. But what isn’t assured is a way to test the backup and see how it works.
Trust us when we say; when your hard drive crashes or is damaged in a fire or flood, this is not the time to find out your current backup is useless.

Backup anything to the Cloud

Quick poll; hands up if you’ve ever tried to do a restore from backup after an incident only to discover you have been backing up nothing but air for years? You are not alone. Today's complex hybrid and virtualized environments require a comprehensive backup strategy that protects data wherever it resides – on-premises, in the cloud, even on desktops and mobile devices.
RowNet offers a powerful set of backup and storage services utilizing purpose-built backup appliances to ensure your total peace of mind and complete data protection. For added security all data is encrypted as it is backed up or restored over the Internet.

Verified, reliable restore on demand

Setting your backup regimen and verifying it works is so simple you can “set it and forget it” without losing control. Our platform lets you create backups of employee computers, NAS devices, SaaS applications and all types of physical servers and VMs regardless the operating system.
And you always have and easy access whenever you need to recover from a disaster or cyber-attack, with multiple ways to spin up a new server, even if the original hardware is lost. Our clients have hundreds of petabytes archived at our distributed data centers and the peace of mind RowNet has their back in the event of cyber-threats, equipment failure and natural disasters.

RowNet Off-Site Backup Service Features

Continuous and complete automated backup
Rollback protection for configuration errors
Data integrity and availability verification
Encryption, compression and retention policies
On-site bare-metal serve re-build or cloud VM

Key benefits of RowNet Off-Site Backup Services

Easy access to your backed up data anytime
Cost effective alternative to traditional backup
Full protection from data loss on any device
Peace of mind protection from Ransomware
Protect physical, virtual, and SaaS environments
A word from a happy client
Finally, we can rest assured that our backups are reliable, available and regularly monitored. Thanks RowNet!
Audrey C
Chief Information Officer, Galveston, TX

Let RowNet help you avoid data loss by archiving critical data to off-site redundant cloud storage.

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