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Managed Cybersecurity

Managed security services that help you keep your business protected.

Everything from client access to data storage carries some level of cyber-risk. In today’s highly mobile and hybrid cloud environments, data breaches and hijackings are becoming more frequent, and innovative.
The most effective way to protect your organization from cybercrime, intrusions and data theft is to partner with industry experts that not only manage your security framework, but also test it frequently.
As technology evolves, so must your organization’s on-premises and cloud security measures. Drop your guard for a moment, and you are done for. Continuous protection requires constant vigilance.
With RowNet’s cybersecurity service, our highly-qualified team will implement the latest cybersecurity best practices, monitor your network around the clock, and be ready to counteract any detected suspicious activity.

Constant Threat Landscape Vigilance

For large organizations, we partner with in-house IT departments to implement an effective defence. Experiencing a breach is not the way to discover your vulnerabilities. You need to be proactive and find them before someone else does. RowNet will continually look for network flaws and new vulnerabilities, even after business hours when you are not there.
Because the threat landscape is constantly in flux, it takes a rounded team of dedicated security professionals to completely meet your security and compliance needs. Unfortunately, top-notch security experts are in short supply and they command some of the highest salaries.

Rounded team of security professionals

Unless your organization is very large, maintaining an in-house cyber security team with the right skill-sets can rapidly become an expensive proposition. What if you could tap into more experts whenever you need them to apply more brain power to solve your security challenges as they emerge.
For many organizations, a data breach is not a matter of if, but when. It is alarming how often we expose network vulnerabilities that clients did not know they had. To be sure every aspect of your digital security framework is properly managed on-premises or in the cloud, you need an experienced security partner like RowNet by your side.

RowNet Managed Cybersecurity Features

24/7 Security Operations Centre
24/7 Security Info and Event Management
Threat Detection and Response
Managed firewall and network protection
Predictive analytics and protection
Penetration testing and other audits
Security patch and update management
Security and compliance training
Reports including data protection compliance

RowNet Managed Cybersecurity Benefits

Simplified compliance reporting
Safe, happy employees and customers
Flexible support as your business evolves
Vulnerability identification and management
More brain power to design the mousetrap
A word from a happy client
RowNet provides the qualified, consolidated approach to cybersecurity we've long been looking for.
Valentin T
Chief Information Security Officer, Dallas, TX

Let RowNet manage your IT security framework and protect your business from cyber threats.

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