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Managed IT Services

Desktop and Mobile Support

Free up your IT staff from help-desk functions and device support.

Do your employees spend time and resources providing helpdesk services for users across your organization?
Your teams can achieve so much more if they do not have to deal with troubleshooting desktops and mobile devices. Partnering with RowNet for helpdesk functions will enable your teams to be more productive.
In today’s increasingly complex digital environment, it is difficult to stay up-to-date on of all your compliance and software licensing requirements.
By having a team of RowNet experts you can rely on to manage desktop licenses and implement mobile device management, you can rest assured that compliance polices are being followed.

Relieve IT Support duties from your staff

Free your employees to concentrate on vital tasks and projects, while your users get the best support, no matter what devices they are using. Today’s mobile employees use so many devices, you cannot be expected to cover them all, by yourself. That being said, when they run into technical difficulties, they need their problems solved fast.
Let RowNet handle help-desk functions and day-to-day desktop support; This will free up time and resources to focus more on strategic business transformation projects.

Empower your mobile workforce

Like it or not, BYOD is here to stay. Most organizations now support it to some extent. Being able to support users on PC, smartphone, tablets, laptops has become a competitive imperative. But turning a blind eye and having strict BYOD policies are not the same thing. It takes time to develop concrete BYOD policies, procedures and solutions that safeguard business data.
By offering flexible remote and on-site 24/7 helpdesk services to all your BYOD users, RowNet frees you from the burden of having to learn to troubleshoot the plethora of devices in existence today.

RowNet Desktop Support Features

24/7 expert help-desk service
Responsive remote and on-site support
Security event logging and monitoring
Software and hardware management
Technology policy development
Bring your own device (BYOD) support
Licence and compliance management

RowNet Desktop Support Benefits

Frees up your team for strategic projects
Flexible support enables frictionless growth
Protect your employees from malware
Protect your data from loss or theft
A word from a happy client
By giving employees access to 24/7 support we were able to fully embrace BYOD and allow more telecommuting.
Michelle M
IT Director, El Paso, TX

Free your IT department from helpdesk drudgery with our managed desktop support services.

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