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Broadband Access

Small Cell In-Building Wireless

Boost in-building and campus-wide cellular coverage and capacity

Employees and guests at your facilities have come to expect adequate cellular coverage for mobile voice and internet access. But often what they find is spotty, unreliable service.
In addition to user demand doubling about every 18 months, as cellular standards evolve to higher speeds (2G to 3G to 4G and 5G next) cell-tower ranges are diminishing.
No matter which Mobile operator you consider, the average macro cellular network is not capable of providing 100% reliable coverage in large structures and high-rise buildings.
New energy efficient buildings only make things worse. They block already weak signals. There is a pressing need for greater density, but carriers cannot put up new towers fast enough.

Spotty cell coverage is your problem

Spotty cellular service is a great inconvenience. But if carriers can’t fix it, the burden is on property owners to do so themselves. Depending on the extent of poor coverage and the size of the facility, RowNet has several solutions to improve cellular coverage and capacity for any number of concurrent users.
For high-rise towers and certain types of facilities such as hospitals and hotels which require coverage for many different types of wireless service, Distributed Antenna Systems are a popular choice. While for low-rise office buildings, campuses and small facilities such as a retail store or small branch office a cellular repeater or a standalone or networked Small Cell solution or even a small cell tower may be the right choice.

Maximizing cellular coverage and capacity

From deploying a signal donor tower on a rooftop to installing a simple cellular repeater in a retail store, we’ve got you covered. RowNet’s portfolio of Small Cell solutions can enable multiple sectors of LTE or UMTS capacity inside buildings large or small, and outdoors.
Supporting a single carrier or multiple carriers as needed, Small Cells are backhauled to the mobile operator’s core network over terrestrial broadband, to provide seamless integration with the macro cellular network and deliver high-capacity cellular coverage that blankets every corner of your facility.

RowNet Small Cell Features

Scalable capacity and coverage
Support for single or multiple carriers
Easy deployment over existing Ethernet
Self-optimization and load balancing

Key Benefits of RowNet Small Cells

Available as a fully managed service
Access to multiple cellular carrier networks
Help you select the optimum solution
A word from a happy client
When another provider let us down, RowNet solved our in-building wireless problems in just a few days.
Andrew F
Director of Voice Services, Dallas, TX

Let RowNet help you ensure excellent cellular coverage throughout your facilities.

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