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Broadband Access

Software Defined WANs

Inter-connect large branch office networks with application aware SD-WAN

For organizations with large numbers of locations, traditional routing, even MPLS services can be costly to deploy. Businesses need a simpler way to define and manage network traffic policies.
The need for a better approach is amplified by changing traffic flows, as businesses use more SaaS applications deploy and move more of their own applications into the Cloud.
Greater reliance on the Cloud means it is no longer the case that all traffic is backhauled to the Corporate HQ. This was the ideal use case for MPLS. But not for much longer.
If your organization has data centers in the cloud, and uses applications like Office 365 or Salesforce, RowNet SD-WAN offers the most cost-effective WAN traffic engineering solution today.

Easier management and greater agility

SD-WAN aims to address the changes in traffic flows and destinations, by simplifying WAN configuration and incorporating application awareness. SD WAN achieves this by decoupling the control plane from all the routers in the network, and centralizing them in one place.
Now, all the policies governing the WAN can be implemented only once on a WAN controller, not at each router. So new policies can now be implemented across the entire WAN in minutes not days. This reduces your maintenance cost and the complexity of managing policies, while improving your agility.

Better performance and QoS for less

This new level of simplicity also improves overall performance and reduces broadband costs. RowNet SD-WAN can be deployed on any broadband connection from any provider. We can even “bond” multiple connections to form one virtual secure redundant connection. The QoS and SLA policies enabled by SD-WAN dictate how different application traffic uses those available links.
For example, SaaS application traffic can be routed directly to the Cloud with priority while web surfing and social media traffic is throttled. This prevents precious company bandwidth from being squandered on low-priority applications.  And it eliminates round trip time by going straight to the Internet when needed, not through HQ.

RowNet SD-WAN Service Features

Centralized policy administration
Network-wide QoS visibility and control
SaaS applications routed directly to cloud
Intelligent selection of multiple paths
Leverages low cost broadband links
Bond mixed links into logical SD-WAN link
Active-active load balancing over mixed links
Fail-over using multiple physical links
Multipoint-to-Multipoint access

Key benefits of RowNet SD-WAN

Simplified configuration and management
Improved application performance
Reduced IT operational costs
SLAs for service availability
24/7 monitoring and support
Single point of contact
A word from a happy client
Upgrading to SD-WAN gave us better performance in branch offices and saved us from increasing bandwidth at HQ.
Frederick G.
Senior Network Architect, Houston, TX

Let RowNet help you boost WAN performance and slash operational cost with SD-WAN.

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