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Broadband Access

MPLS VPN Services

Inter-connect your locations securely with flexibility and speed

In most organizations users at different sites need to access centralized company servers, voice and other intranet resources, and do so with speed and security.
To achieve this, distributed organizations typically need to securely inter-connect the voice, video and data networks at their locations over a Wide Area Network (WAN).
In the past this required dedicated point-to-point leased lines, such as T1 or DS3 circuits. These are expensive and complex to manage, especially on a large scale.
Today Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies enable sites to be inter-connected over the Internet much more economically. One popular and elegant solution is Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS).

Inexpensive alternative to leased lines

MPLS VPNs are versatile. They can emulate a point-to-point T1 circuit (say for voice), as well as providing converged secure access to the corporate LAN from multiple locations. In addition, by operating at layer 2.5 in the OSI 7-layer model, MPLS is agnostic to the underlying L2 protocol being used.
This means regardless whether you have DSL at one location and Gigabit Fiber at another, MPLS is able map to the underlying Layer 2 protocol to provide a common, fast, efficient and secure transport method for all of your sites over the packet-switched Internet.

Fast, secure virtual private WAN

MPLS is fast and efficient because packets are switched through the Internet via Label Switch Routers, and only routed where it is necessary, at the network edge. All this means MPLS can provide the exact same connectivity as a dedicated private network, at a fraction of the cost of point-to-point leased-lines.
Unlike most Managed Service Providers, RowNet is a Broadband Internet provider as well. That makes us a one-stop-shop able to provision Texas-wide, even nationwide MPLS services for you, with the least amount of effort at your end.

RowNet MPLS Service Features

Speeds from 5 Mbps to 1 Gbps
On demand, elastic bandwidth
Low-latency for voice and video
Ability to prioritize by traffic type
Point-to-Point circuit emulation
Point-to-Multipoint star topology
Managed Firewall and Router options
Multipoint-to-Multipoint mesh

Key benefits of RowNet MPLS

100% coverage across Texas
94% coverage Nationwide
Self-healing fiber backbone
SLAs for service availability
24/7 monitoring and support
Single point of contact
A word from a happy client
We cut our WAN costs more than 70% by upgrading from legacy bonded T1s to Ethernet-based MPLS.
Jonah B.
Telecom Manager, Fort Worth, TX

Let RowNet help you reduce WAN costs and scale performance with MPLS.

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